• Do you want to learn how to trade in the Crypto market like a professional?
  • Do you want to use risk management strategies to invest money wisely and profitably?
  • Do you have a full-time job and don’t have the time to trade and invest into the finance of the future?
  • Do you trade but need signals for more profitability?

If the answer is "yes", then this opportunity is for you!

This is an opportunity to invest in yourself. Every successful trader started out as a complete beginner. Discover the core principles of trading and gain experience under the guidance of renowned Crypto experts.

Success doesn’t come by itself. You build it.

Who is this training is for?

Extra Income

Join this training if you have been searching for a way to scale up your income and generate extra 300k to 500k daily, weekly or monthly to serve as a hedge against the increasingly financial demands and high inflation. Cryptocurrency will pay you 10× more than your current job does.


Join this training if you have no knowledge about cryptocurrencies and how it works but with determination to learn, as you’ll be taught with practical steps and precise methods of how to start your Crypto Trading journey.


Join this training if you’re looking for potential Cryptocurrency assets you can buy now and keep for long, medium or short term purposes. You’ll be taught to identify good Crypto that will give 20× to 100× returns of your investment.


Join this training if you’re already trading but not hitting the mark or getting it right with your trades and needs a mentor or wants to belong to a good crypto community. You’ll get accurate signals that will give you at least 15% daily profits and on-time information.

Training Fee


If you’re looking to begin your profitable crypto journey;

  1. Make a payment of N30,000 to the company account details below.
  2. Fill the registration details and proceed to checkout.

Our support center will contact you and add you to our trading community.


  • Bank Name: UBA
  • Account Name: KWEBA TECH-HUB
  • Account No: 1024752377

Start your career in crypto



  • Life time Access
  • Mentorship
  • Trading Signals
  • Certificates on completion
  • Case studies
  • Exercise files
  • Tutor Support 24/7

Here’s a fraction of what’s inside the course.

  • What are Cryptocurrencies
  • Hash Function
  • The Ledger
  • The Blockchain 
  • Mining
  • Why invest in cryptocurrency
  • Markets & Exchanges
  • Orders, OrderBook and Time of Sales
  • What Drives Prices
  • Short Selling
  • Valuation Methods: Fundamental vs Technical Analysis
  • Candlesticks, Charts & Tradingview
  • Logarithmic Scale Charts
  • Trendlines, Channels, Supports and Resistances
  • Chart Patterns: Tops, Bottoms & Triangles
  • Volume
  • Liquidity
  • The use of Technical Analysis in Investing


  • Mindset & Expectancy
  • Risk Management
  • Money Management
  • Position Sizing
  • Important Changes to be aware of
  • Batting Average & Win Loss Ratio
  • Sharpe Ratio
  • Historical Trades Analysis
  • Trading Coins vs Trading A Strategy
  • Day Trading vs Swing Trading
  • From an investor’s perspective
  • Risk and how much money to invest
  • Passive Investing and Historical Performances
  • Active Investing and Historical Performances
  • What type of investment strategy is best for you?
  • Time vs Threshold rebalancing
  • Rebalancing Risks
  • Impact of a stable Asset on Portfolio
  • Alternating Coins
  • Changing asset allocation
  • Tool to help with trade execution