Crypto asset management

We help you build a portfolio of digital assets, including well-known cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, and more.


Optimal strategy for every investor

Investment strategies vary between conservative exposure to most stable, liquid cryptocurrencies, a broad basket of crypto assets, and exposure to early-stage tokens with prolonged liquidity.

Bitcoin Portfolio

Suitable for the conservative, risk-aware investor, Bitcoin Portfolio is an investment strategy built exclusively on Bitcoin with a stable, low-risk profit margin.

High-cap Portfolio

This investment portfolio consists of about 20 high-cap cryptocurrencies. It is a balanced, well-proportioned strategy offering attractive returns with a slightly higher risk.

Mid-cap Portfolio

The portfolio consists of a basket of about 50 mid-cap cryptocurrencies. This strategy takes advantage of high market volatility offering higher risk and profit potential.

Low-cap Portfolio

The portfolio offers exposure to tokens with low capitalization and high-profit potential in the future. The strategy bets on the value increase with the best market potential.


Watch your wealth grow with crypto

We will build and manage your portfolio of various crypto assets with different levels of potential risk and profit opportunities. You will get monthly earnings reports and enjoy the return on investment.

Expert Managers

Our highly-skilled, professional team of portfolio managers has vast experience across the crypto and finance sectors.

Passive Income

Earn a passive income from your crypto investment asset portfolio managed by our skilled professional traders.

Achievable Profit

Projected 2-5% monthly return on investment depending on the composition of your specific investment portfolio.

Regulated Service

Assets are stored at regulated partners, ensuring professional standards, physical security, and regulatory compliance.

How it works

Investing in crypto currency is easy. It doesn’t matter if you are a rookie or have experience with other types of investment assets.

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